About Me

By day I am a process development coordinator that manages quality control and information technologies in a private oil-related manufacturing company.

By afternoon I’m a Dad and Husband who does his best to spend time with his family and struggles to keep work related stress at bay.

By night I’m constantly looking for something new to sink my teeth into and learn about to make the most of my down time and unwind after stressful days.

Overall I think I’m okay at keeping a balance but like most I have my faults.

I’m dedicating this site to what I want and what I’m currently interested in.  No topic is off limits although I’ll tend to gravitate to topics that interest me such as music, technology, beer and whiskeys, work-related, articles, etc, etc.

It’s my own piece of internet to have bad grammar and off the wall conversations with myself as well as a home to help track and educate others who may be interested in the things that I have going on in my life.