What’s the difference between QC and QA?

Quality Control vs Quality Assurance

When starting in the vast world of quality management systems, one of the first questions I had was related to the differences between quality control and quality assurance. I think these phrases get thrown around interchangeably, and I’m sure in certain situations it really doesn’t matter, but overall I think there are a few distinct differences between the two. As your reading and articles get more sophisticated, it can be valuable to understand both of these terms. Let’s start with some simple definitions.


Starting fresh!

So let’s try this website thing again shall we?

Now that I’m further along in my work, hobbies, and life in general, I have some ideas on what I want for my website.  So here are the goals:

  1. Blog – General thoughts about life and whatnots.  More personal and less business-like structure that just becomes a place to jot down thoughts and ideas
  2. Quality – Since the company I work for has gotten through our ISO 9001:2015 program successfully, I feel like there’s some info I can share here for other people who were me 3 years ago.
  3. Beer – Still a passion of mine.  While I don’t brew nearly as much as I’d like to, I’d like a place to share interesting articles related to the beer world and related ideas.
  4. Resume – Not sure if I’ll make it public but a page to host my resume and keep track of my work history and achievements.
  5. WordPress 5.0 – learn more about formatting and understand the new 5.0 updates instead of just winging it every time I log on here.

I think that’s enough.  I’ll start with the blog and its format to be easily read.  I struggled with using categories in the past because I try to make things too structured.  So let’s see if I can make this easier for me.  Onwards!