Right Now

Here is a place on my site dedicated to what I’m up to right now in life.

In January I left my process development coordinator position of 8 years to take a job focusing on IT, cybersecurity, and project management. This will be a huge challenge for me but ultimately it will make me a stronger individual. Getting out of the ups and downs of the oilfield takes a huge stress off of my shoulders, and doing something that originally makes me uncomfortable will allow me to focus on personal improvements and my own confidence.

I’ve been playing bass fairly regularly which is motivating me to purchase a new amp. The 30 watt Hartke has served me well since high school and I feel it’s time to get something more updated and start improving on my tone and technique.

I learned about this idea from Derek Sivers and you can too at

https://sivers.org/nowff and nownownow.com

Last updated on March 3, 2021.