Whiskey Bottle

While I’ve been a big fan of craft beer for quite some time, I’ve also dabbled in whiskey over the years. A bottle of whiskey may last me 2-3 months, maybe a bit less during winter. I’ve grown to enjoy it and have gone down the rabbit hole to see what other whiskey enthusiasts also enjoy. One of those topics is creating an infinite bottle (blog post coming soon).

So this page will be dedicated to my whiskey infinite bottle, what I have in it, the dates, and any other notes. Individual whiskeys may be reviewed but I have a lot to learn still about that.

Infinite Bottle #1 – Rebel Yell Label

Rules: This bottle will be a carefree mashup of any bottle that I’ve had with the last 2oz of that bottle going into this Rebel Yell bottle that started the process. Scotch and flavored whiskeys will not be included, everything else is fair game. Tastings will happen when I have the time to dissect what I’m tasting and write it down.

Addition #1 – Rebel Yell – 8-3-2020 – Purchased at Rouses on St. Charles in Houma, LA.

Addition #2 – Jim Beam Black Extra-Aged – 8-3-2020 Purchased at Cannatas in Houma, LA.

Addition #3 – Sazerac Rye – 9-11-2020 Purchased at Cannatas in Houma, LA.

Addition #4 – Jim Beam Double Oak – 11-3-2020 Purchased at Cannatas in Houma, LA.