About Me

Techie, Casual Musician, Father, Husband

Despite my terrible writing skills, horrible design abilities, and complete lack of ideas, I made a website! The goal, of course, is to improve on all three of these areas and hopefully pick up other skills along the way. I’ve had this small piece of internet real estate for quite some time now, so hopefully I can utilize it.

To help define where I am in life, I’ve been happily married since 2010. Together we have a daughter who has proven to be the largest challenge I have faced so far in this lifetime.

I currently work as a Systems Analyst at a very tech-forward local government commission that specializes in Permitting software development. My position spans across many different areas including internal IT user support, back-end database management and support, general systems management and troubleshooting, and most recently data import leader. Jack of all trades, master of none accurately describes my position. My goal here is to focus on a healthier work-life balance and ensure that I continue to master this craft, so my future here is secure and less stressful.

Before this, I was a quality control manager at a local oilfield related manufacturing facility. I started as internal IT user support but transitioned into a process development coordinator role. We successfully became ISO 9001 certified, and I continued to fill the role until I left and came to my current job in 2021. While lucrative in south Louisiana, the ebb and flow of the oilfield just isn’t for me. I was there for 8 years before leaving and learned valuable skills related to life and the workplace.

Outside of work, I tend to enjoy quiet nights with friends and family over loud nights on the town, but there’s always a time and place for that. I enjoy adventure and visiting unfamiliar places to experience new things.

My down time is consumed with hobbies and interests that provide an escape to my current surroundings. I play trombone and have been actively playing in our local community band, performing with a concert and a big band (stage) group. I also enjoy video games, listening to music, and alcohol (usually all at once). When I’m lucky and have the time to do so, I love brewing beer and I hope to do more of this soon.

Overall, I tend to be relaxed about the present, stressed about the future, and unfortunately forgetful about the past. My opinions are normally not absolute, and I tend to keep an open mind about most topics. I don’t intend to use this as a place to argue or vent, but instead to have something positive to work on that may one day help another person or make someone laugh.

So, I hope you enjoy your stay here. As time progresses, I hope to have a better sense of what I want to do with it. For now, it’ll be a mess of thoughts, stories, and ideas until a path shows itself.