About Me

With so many websites on the internet today, I figured, "Why not make another?"

I've always had an interest in computers and websites for as long as I could remember. It drove me on a path to learn more about it through life, including a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Nothing fancy here, but enough to concentrate my career in the world of computers until further notice.

The always find myself in the 'Jack of all trades, master of none' position wherever I work. I tend to learn about the company I work for quickly, learn the pain points and do my best to develop easy, informative solutions. While I still fix (reboot) printers and share Excel formulas from time to time, I also know my way around SQL as one of my main tools in my current job.

Website development has always been a topic of interest but due to my daily duties, I haven't had the chance to hone these skills. I know enough to troubleshoot some issues and can somewhat read a few languages to at least understand what a page or application is trying to achieve. But I haven't really 'made' a site or application from scratch and launched it for use.

That's how this site was born. I've tried blogging before but really I do not know enough on one subject to talk or type about it for hours on end. So let's try something different. I've mapped out what I want this site to be:

If you're visiting here, I hope you enjoy your stay, have a laugh (it's okay to laugh at me AND with me), and maybe learn a little something along the way. All aspects of this website will be updated over time so what the site looks like today may be wildly different than what it looks like tomorrow. I'll be experimenting with design ideas and online templates, but ultimately it'll all be hand coded by my own two hands (and Google).

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return!

Jared Picou